ETS2020 Tallinn, Estonia
25th IEEE European Test Symposium
May 25 - June 1, 2020
Tallinn, ESTONIA

Presentation Guidelines

By sending us your material, you agree with its publication within the scope of the ETS 2020 virtual conference. 

All presenters are expected to be available and to be committed to promptly answer questions in the Participants Forum during the symposium dates May 25 – June 31, 2020. 

Please follow the best practices for audio-visual presentations: a clear focus on the research contributions; readability of visualizations and text; speaker’s and conference name in the footer; use slide numbers; logos allowed on the title slide only. 


All pre-recorded presentations should be sent until Friday, May 8, 2020

Presentation formats

All presenters should send:
1. pre-recorded presentation
2. short bio
3. photo of the speaker

Optionally, the pre-recorded video presentations for the Sort Papers and PhD Forum contributions can be substituted by a poster in PDF.

Long Scientific papers (formerly Oral Presentation)
• 24-30 min video presentation

Short Scientific papers (formerly Poster Presentations)
• Instead of a poster authors are encouraged to prepare a 12-15 min video presentation.
• Optionally, the poster in the PDF format can be submitted instead or in addition to the presentation.

Special Session papers
• 3 video presentations 24-30 min each

Embedded Tutorial papers
• 50-60 min video presentations

Case Studies, Early Innovations and Hot Topics contributions
• 12-15 min video presentations

PhD Forum contributions
• Instead of a poster, authors are encouraged to prepare a 12-15 min video presentation.
• Optionally, the poster in the PDF format can be submitted instead, or in addition, to the presentation.

McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Contest contributions
• 10 min video presentations.
• Please format your video presentation in accordance with the contest rules. In case of doubts, please contact the corresponding chairs.

Presentation recording

File Specifications

Video presentations:
• MP4 files
• aspect ratio 16:9
• maximum resolution 720p (1280x720 pixel)
• file size should not exceed 500 MB (except for the longer Keynotes and Embedded Tutorials, here the file size limit is 1GB)

• plain text file up to 1000 characters including the full name of the speaker (with spaces)

Speaker photo:
• a portrait/face photo of a single person
• the file size should not exceed 1 MB

Optional posters in PDF format for corresponding categories:
• 1-page document
• the file size should not exceed 7 MB

File Submission

To submit your presentation, please use the Dropbox File Request link sent in emails on April 11 and April 28, 2020. If you have not received the link, please contact the Program Chairs at

Please rename your files to the following format:

  • [paper-ID]_video.mp4
  • [paper-ID]_bio.txt
  • [paper-ID]_photo.jpg (or PNG, JPEG, etc.)
  • (Optionally, if for the Sort Papers and PhD Forum presentations the video is substituted by a poster, please use [paper-ID]_poster.pdf)

where [paper-ID] is your submission number assigned by the Molesystems.

Examples: "01_video.mp4", "321_photo.jpeg"


In case of issues, please contact the Program Chairs: 

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