ETS2020 Tallinn, Estonia
25th IEEE European Test Symposium
May 25 - June 1, 2020
Tallinn, ESTONIA

Technical Program

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Synchronous Plenary Sessions

(60-minute live video sessions)

Moderators: Artur JUTMAN - Testonica, EE and Jaan RAIK - Tallinn UT, EE

May 25 Opening - Welcome to Virtual ETS 2020
14:00CEST Artur JUTMAN (Testonica), Jaan RAIK (Tallinn UT), Görschwin FEY (TU Hamburg), Maksim JENIHHIN (Tallinn UT), Sybille HELLEBRAND (Uni. Paderborn), Matteo SONZA REORDA (POLITO)
Jun 01 Closing - Conclusions of ETS 2020
18:00CEST Artur JUTMAN (Testonica), Jaan RAIK (Tallinn UT), Görschwin FEY (TU Hamburg), Maksim JENIHHIN (Tallinn UT)


(45-minute live and pre-recorded video presentations)

Moderators: Goerschwin FEY - TU Hamburg, DE and Maksim JENIHHIN - Tallinn UT, EE

May 25 Resilience of AI-driven Applications
15:00CEST Ravishankar K. IYER (Urbana Champaign, USA)
May 26 Safety-Critical Applications: An EDA perspective
  Alessandra NARDI (Cadence, USA)

Embedded Tutorials

(60-minute video presentations)

Moderators: Lorena ANGHEL - TIMA, FR and Gildas LEGER - IMSE-CNM, ES

May 27 Analog Fault Simulation - a Hot Topic!
  (103) Stephen SUNTER (Mentor, A Siemens Business)
  Keywords: Analog defect simulation, fault modeling
May 28 Device-Aware Test for Emerging Memories: Enabling your test program for DPPB level
  (100) Lizhou WU, Moritz FIEBACK, Mottaqiallah TAOUIL, Said Hamdioui, Said HAMDIOUI (Delft University of Technology)
  Keywords: Device-Aware Test, STT-MRAM testing, RRAM testing, Defect modeling, Fault Modeling, Test generation
May 29 Design, Verification, Test and In-Field Implications of Approximate Computing Systems
  (105) Alberto BOSIO (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Stefano DI CARLO (Politecnico di Torino), Patrick GIRARD (LIRMM), Ernesto SANCHEZ, Alessandro Savino (Politecnico di Torino),  Lukas Sekanina (Brno University of Technology), Marcello Traiola (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Zdenek VASICEK (Brno University of Technology), Arnaud VIRAZEL (LIRMM) 
  Keywords: Approximate computing, energy efficiency, testing, verification, design space exploration, reliability

Long Scientific Papers

(30-minute video presentations)

Session L1 - Test infrastructure and embedded test

Moderator: Martin KEIM - Mentor, A Siemens Business, US

Paper ID  
6 Test Sequence-Optimized BIST for Automotive Applications
  Bartosz KACZMAREK, Grzegorz MRUGALSKI, Nilanjan MUKHERJEE, Janusz RAJSKI, Łukasz RYBAK (Mentor, A Siemens Business), Jerzy TYSZER (Poznan University of Technology)
  Keywords: embedded-test, logic built-in self-test, LFSR reseeding, scan-based testing, test application time
41 Dynamic Authentication-Based Secure Access to Test Infrastructure
  Michele PORTOLAN, Vincent REYNAUD (Grenoble-INP), Paolo MAISTRI (CNRS), Regis LEVEUGLE (Grenoble INP)
  Keywords: Reconfigurable Scan Networks, Secure Access, Authentication, Automated Test Environments, IEEE 1687
70 Minimal Witnesses for Security Weaknesses in Reconfigurable Scan Networks
  Pascal RAIOLA, Tobias PAXIAN, Bernd BECKER (University of Freiburg)
  Keywords: Reconfigurable Scan Network, Hardware Security, Data Dependency, IEEE Std 1687, Insecure Data Flow

Session L2 - Testing of emerging memory-based architectures

Moderator: Elena Ioana VATAJELU - TIMA, FR

76 Testing Scouting Logic-Based Computation-in-Memory Architectures
  Moritz FIEBACK, Surya NAGARAJAN, Rajendra BISHNOI (Delft University of Technology), Mehdi TAHOORI (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Mottaqiallah TAOUIL, Said HAMDIOUI (Delft University of Technology)
  Keywords: test, computation-in-memory (CIM), in-memory computing, emerging memories, RRAM
49 Defect Characterization and Test Generation for Spintronic-based Compute-In-Memory
  Sarath MOHANACHANDRAN NAIR, Christopher MÜNCH, Mehdi TAHOORI (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  Keywords: STT-MRAM, In-memory computing, Defect modeling
78 MBIST Support for Reliable eMRAM Sensing
  Jongsin YUN, Benoit NADEAU-DOSTIE, Martin KEIM (Mentor, A Siemens Business), Cyrille DRAY, Mehdi BOUJAMAA (ARM)
  Keywords: eMRAM, yield, trim, reference, read operation

Session L3 - ATPG and cell-aware characterization

Moderator: Maria MICHAEL - Uni. Cyprus, CY

75 Tightening the Mesh Size of the Cell-Aware ATPG Net for Catching Weakest Faults
  Min-Chun HU (National Tsing-Hua University), Zhan GAO (IMEC), Santosh MALAGI, Joe SWENTON (Cadence Design Systems), Jos HUISKEN, Kees GOOSSENS (Eindhoven University of Technology), Cheng-Wen WU (National Tsing Hua University), Erik Jan MARINISSEN (IMEC)
  Keywords: cell-aware test, weak fault, hard fault, defect characterization, ATPG
66 Variation-Aware Defect Characterization at Cell Level
  Zahra Paria NAJAFI-HAGHI, Marzieh HASHEMIPOUR NAZARI, Hans-Joachim WUNDERLICH (Stuttgart University)
  Keywords: Small delay faults, variations, reliability, defect modeling, statistical learning
92 Functional-Like Transition Delay Fault Test-Pattern Generation using a Bayesian-Based Circuit Model
  Ching-Yuan CHEN (Duke University), Ching-Hung CHENG, Jiun-Lang HUANG (National Taiwan University), Krishnendu CHAKRABARTY (Duke University)
  Keywords: functional-like, automatic test pattern generation, full-scan

Session L4 - Fault screening and protection methods

Moderator: Regis LEVEUGLE - Grenoble INP, FR

91 Nonlinear Codes for Control Flow Checking
  Giorgio DI NATALE (TIMA), Osnat KEREN (Bar-Ilan University)
  Keywords: CFC
19 QAMR: an Approximation-Based FullyReliable TMR Alternative for Area Overhead Reduction
  Bastien DEVEAUTOUR, Marcello TRAIOLA, Arnaud VIRAZEL, Patrick GIRARD (LIRMM)
  Keywords: Combinational circuits; fault tolerance; error correction; triple modular redundancy; approximate computing
43 Determined-Safe Faults Identification: A step towards ISO26262 hardware compliant designs
  Felipe AUGUSTO DA SILVA, Ahmet Cagri BAGBABA (Cadence Design Systems GmbH), Sandro SARTONI, Riccardo CANTORO, Matteo SONZA REORDA (Politecnico di Torino), Said HAMDIOUI (Delft University of Technology), Christian SAUER (Cadence Design Systems GmbH)
  Keywords: ISO26262; Safe Faults; Fault Injection; Formal Methods; Simulation; Functional Safety; Verification

Session L5 - Technology

Moderator: Erik Jan MARINISSEN - IMEC, BE

71 Accurate Measurements of Small Resistances in Vertical Interconnects with Small Aspect Ratios
  Keywords: resistance, vertical interconnect, cross-bridge Kelvin resistor, current and voltage distributions
35 A Built-In Self-Test Method For MEMS Piezoresistive Sensor
  Manhong ZHU, Jia LI, Weibing WANG, Dapeng CHEN (Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  Keywords: MEMS; piezoresistive sensor; built-in self-test; electric excitation
63 Thermal Neutrons: a Possible Threat for Supercomputers and Safety Critical Applications
  Daniel OLIVEIRA (UFPR), Sean BLANCHARD, Nathan DEBARDELEBEN (LANL), Fernando SANTOS, Gabriel DAVILA, Philippe NAVAUX (UFRGS), Cazzaniga CARLO (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory-ISIS), Christopher FROST (STFC), Robert C. BAUMANN, Paolo RECH (LANL)
  Keywords: Radiation test, Thermal Neutrons, Reliability

Session L6 - Statistical approaches

Moderator: Alberto BOSIO - INL, FR

13 Latent Defect Screening with Visually-Enhanced Dynamic Part Average Testing
  Anthony COYETTE, Wim DOBBELAERE, Ronny VANHOOREN (ON Semiconductor), Nektar XAMA (KULeuven), Jhon GOMEZ, Georges GIELEN (KU Leuven)
  Keywords: Latent defects, outlier detection, analog and mixed-signal testing, integrated circuits, DPAT, visualization
29 PWS: Potential Wafermap Scratch Defect Pattern Recognition with Machine Learning Techniques
  Katherine Shu-Min LI (National Sun Yat-sen University), Peter Yi-Yu LIAO, Leon CHOU, Ken Chau-Cheung CHENG, Andrew Yi-Ann HUANG (NXP Semiconductor Taiwan Ltd.), Sying-Jyan WANG, Gus Chang-Hung HAN (National Chung-Hsing University)
  Keywords: wafermap, defect pattern, yield learning, clustering, machine learning
46 Avoiding Mixed-Signal Field Returns by Outlier Detection of Hard-to-Detect Defects based on Multivariate Statistics
  Nektar XAMA, Jakob RAYMAEKERS (KU Leuven), Martin ANDRAUD (Aalto university), Jhon GOMEZ (KU Leuven), Wim DOBBELAERE, Ronny VANHOOREN, Anthony COYETTE (ON Semiconductor), Georges GIELEN (KU Leuven)
  Keywords: analog and mixed-signal test, test escape screening, multivariate statistics, latent defect testing

Session L7 - Hardware Security

Moderator: Ilia POLIAN - Uni. Stuttgart, DE

25 The Risk of Outsourcing: Hidden SCA Trojans in Third-Party IP-Cores Threaten Cryptographic ICs
  David KNICHEL (Ruhr-University Bochum), Thorben MOOS (Ruhr-University Bochum, Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security), Amir MORADI (Ruhr-University Bochum)
  Keywords: hardware Trojan, ASIC, side-channel analysis, time-to-digital converter
72 Modeling Static Noise Margin for FinFET based SRAM PUFs
  Shayesteh MASOUMIAN, Georgios SELIMIS, Roel MAES, Geert-Jan SCHRIJEN (Intrinsic ID), Said HAMDIOUI, Mottaqiallah TAOUIL (Delft University of Technology)
  Keywords: SRAM PUF, FinFET, Static noise margin, process variation, temperature
58 Hardware Trojan Attacks in Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs via the Test Access Mechanism
  Mohamed ELSHAMY (Sorbonne Univ., CNRS, LIP6), Giorgio DI NATALE (TIMA), Antonios PAVLIDIS (Sorbonne Univ., CNRS, LIP6), Marie-Minerve LOUERAT (Sorbonne Univ., CNRS), Haralampos STRATIGOPOULOS (Sorbonne Univ., CNRS, LIP6)
  Keywords: Hardware Security, Hardware Trojans, Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits, Test Access Mechanism

Session L8 - Built-in monitoring

Moderator: Massimo VIOLANTE - POLITO, IT

84 LiD-CAT: A Lightweight Detector for Cache ATtacks
  Cezar Rodolfo WEDIG REINBRECHT, Said HAMDIOUI, Mottaqiallah TAOUIL (Delft University of Technology), Behrad NIAZMAND, Tara GHASEMPOURI, Jaan RAIK (Tallinn University of Technology), Johanna SEPULVEDA (Airbus Defence and Space)
  Keywords: cache attacks, security properties, lightweight detector
51 Built-In Predictors for Dynamic Crosstalk Avoidance
  Rezgar SADEGHI, Zainalabedin NAVABI (University of Tehran)
  Keywords: Crosstalk Fault, Interconnect, Communication Bus, Crosstalk Prediction, Crosstalk Model
60 A New Monitor Insertion Algorithm for Intermittent Fault Detection
  Hassan EBRAHIMI, Hans KERKHOFF (University of Twente)
  Keywords: Reliability; No Faults Found, Intermittent Resistive Faults, Intermittent Fault Detection

Short Scientific Papers

(15-minute video presentations or posters)

Session S1 - Solutions towards the technology layer

Moderator: Haralampos STRATIGOPOULOS – CNRS/LIP6, FR

65 On-chip reduced-code static linearity test of Vcm-based switching SAR ADCs using an incremental analog-to-digital converter
  Renato FEITOZA, Manuel BARRAGAN (TIMA Laboratory), Antonio GINES (IMSE-CNM (CSIC, Universidad de Sevilla)), Salvador MIR (TIMA Laboratory)
  Keywords: ADC BIST; Static linearity test; Reduced-code test
79 Digital Defect Based Built-in Self-Test for Low Dropout Voltage Regulators
  Mehmet INCE, Sule OZEV (Arizona State University)
  Keywords: Built-in Self-Test, LDO
69 Monitoring of BTI and HCI Aging in SRAM Decoders
  Helen-Maria DOUNAVI, Yiorgos TSIATOUHAS (Univ. of Ioannina)
  Keywords: BTI, HCI, aging monitoring, SRAM Decoders, transistor aging, reliability, failure prediction
86 G-PUF: An Intrinsic PUF Based on GPU Error Signatures
  Bruno FORLIN, Ronaldo HUSEMANN, Luigi CARRO (UFRGS), Cezar Rodolfo WEDIG REINBRECHT, Said HAMDIOUI, Mottaqiallah TAOUIL (Delft University of Technology)
  Keywords: G-PUF, Physically Unclonable Functions, GPU, Security, Intrinsic PUF
26 A SIFT-based Waveform Clustering Method for aiding analog/mixed-signal IC Verification
  Andrei GAITA, Georgian NICOLAE (Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti), Emilian Constantin DAVID (Infineon Technologies Bucharest, Romania), Andi BUZO (Infineon), Georg PELZ (Infineon Technologies, Neubiberg, Germany)
  Keywords: SIFT, wavelet, DCT, K-means
36 Learning-Based Cell-Aware Defect Diagnosis of Customer Returns
  Safa MHAMDI, Patrick GIRARD, ARNAUD VIRAZEL (LIRMM), ALBERTO BOSIO (Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology), Aymen LADHAR (STM)
  Keywords: Diagnosis, Customer Returns, Machine Learning

Session S2 - Solutions towards the system layer

Moderator: Christoph SCHOLL - Uni. Freiburg, DE

89 Anomaly Detection in Embedded Systems Using Power and Memory Side Channels
  Jiho PARK, Virinchi Roy SURABHI, Prashanth KRISHNAMURTHY, Siddharth GARG, Ramesh KARRI, Farshad KHORRAMI (NYU)
  Keywords: Anomaly detection, cyber security, power consumption, memory access, one-class support vector machine
31 Automated Graph-Based Fault Injection Into Virtual Prototypes for Robustness Evaluation
  Jo LAUFENBERG, Thomas KROPF, Oliver BRINGMANN (University of Tuebingen)
  Keywords: fault injection, graph, robustness, simulation, virtual prototype
11 Efficient Prognostication of Pattern Count with Different Input Compression Ratios
  Fong-Jyun TSAI, Chong-Siao YE (National Cheng Kung University), Yu HUANG (Mentor, A Siemens Business), Kuen Jong LEE (National Cheng Kung Univ), Wu-Tung CHENG (Mentor, A Siemens Business), Sudhakar REDDY (University of Iowa), Mark KASSAB , Janusz RAJSKI (Mentor, A Siemens Business)
  Keywords: design for testability, embedded-test, scan-based designs, runtime reduction
57 Failure and Attack Detection by Digital Sensors
  Md Toufiq Hasan ANIK, Rachit SAINI (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Jean-Luc DANGER (Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris), Sylvain GUILLEY (Télécom ParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay), Naghmeh KARIMI (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
  Keywords: Digital Sensors, Failure Detection, Attack Detection, Security, Aging
32 Detection of Rowhammer Attacks in SoCs with FPGAs
  Rana ELNAGGAR, Siyuan CHEN (Duke University), Peilin SONG (IBM Corp.), Krishnendu CHAKRABARTY (Duke University)
  Keywords: FPGA-SoC, Rowhammer, security, FPGA-to-microprocessor SDRAM
14 IEEE Std. P1687.1 for Access Control of Reconfigurable Scan Networks
  Erik LARSSON, Zehang XIANG, Prathamesh MURALI (Lund University)
  Keywords: IEEE Std. P1687.1, IEEE Std. 1687, test, localization, repair, access control

Special Sessions

(sessions of 3 * 30-minute video presentations)

Moderators: Xinli GU - Futurewei, US and Bernd BECKER - Uni. Freiburg, DE

108 Design Obfuscation versus Test
  Farimah FARAHMANDI (University of Florida), Ozgur SINANOGLU (NYU Abu Dhabi), Ronald BLANTON (Carnegie Mellon University), Samuel PAGLIARINI (TalTech)
  Keywords: hardware security, ATPG, sequential ATPG, high level synthesis, design obfuscation
  - Design Obfuscation versus Test
  Ronald (Shawn) BLANTON (Carnegie Mellon University)
- Logic Locking: Metrics, Secure Implementation and Connections to VLSI Test Concepts
  Ozgur SINANOGLU (NYU Abu Dhabi)
- Secure High-level Synthesis for Hardware Obfuscation
  Farimah FARAHMANDI (University of Florida)
114 Linking Chip, Board, and System Test via Standards
  Michele PORTOLAN (Grenoble-INP), Jeff REARICK (AMD), Martin KEIM (Mentor, A Siemens Business)
  Keywords: IC test, board test, system test, 1687, 1687.1, 2654, IJTAG, test standards

(Comment: to be watched in the same sequence)
- A Path Toward Realizing the Vision of System-Board-Chip Test Synergy
- Making Embedded Chip Test Features and Chip Tests Usable Through Functional
   Martin KEIM (Mentor, A Siemens Business)
- Re-using Test Assets in a System Context Through Interface Transformations
   Michele PORTOLAN (Grenoble-INP)

110 PUF Enrollment and Life Cycle Management: Solutions and Perspectives for the Test Community
  David HELY (Grenoble INP), Giorgio DI NATALE (TIMA)
  Keywords: hardware security; Test; Physical Unclonable Function; lifecycle
  - PUFs Introduction and Standardization Process
   Sylvain GUILLEY (Télécom Paris)
- Leveraging Secure IC Testing for Secure PUF Enrollment
   David HELY (Grenoble INP), Bertrand CAMBOU (Northern Arizona University)
- Deep Learning Techniques for Challenge/Response Pair Database Management During the Life Cycle 
   Amir ALIPOUR, David HELY (Universite Grenoble Alpes), Giorgio DI NATALE (TIMA), Vincent BEROULLE (Universite Grenoble Alpes)
- On line Test to check the PUF Integrity and Security in Mission Mode
   Jean-Luc DANGER, Sylvain GUILLEY  (Télécom Paris),  Naghmeh KARIMI (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
116* Reliable and Energy-efficient Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Systems
  Saibal MUKHOPADHYAY (Georgia Institute of Technology), Kaushik ROY (Purdue University), Priyadarshini PANDA (Yale University), Amit TRIVEDI (University of Illionois)
  Keywords: Reliable, efficient, artificial intelligence
  - Energy-efficiency and robustness through spiking neural networks
  Kaushik ROY (Purdue University)
- On Adversarial susceptibility and Defense Of Neural Networks
  Priyadarshini PANDA (Yale University)
- R3AI: Hardware Design Principles for Real-time, Resource-Savvy, and Risk-aware AI
  Amit TRIVEDI (University of Illionois)
- Reliable Intelligence in Unreliable Environment
  Saibal MUKHOPADHYAY (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Informal Case Studies and Hot Topics

(15-minute video presentations)

Moderators: Stephan EGGERSGLUESS - Mentor, A Siemens Business, DE and Mihalis PSARAKIS - Uni. Piraeus, GR and Rene KRENZ-BAATH - HSHL, DE

83 Enabling DFT and Fast Silicon Bring-up for Massive AI Chip – Case Study
  Hui King LAU, Jon FERGUSON, Evan GRIFFITHS (Graphcore), Rahul SINGHAL, Lee HARRISON (Mentor, A Siemens Business)
  Keywords: DFT, Hierarchical ATPG, AI, artificial intelligence, LBIST, IJTAG, Silicon bringup 1687
82 IEEE 1687-Based Testing Methodology for AI SoC Integrating Embedded TAP and IEEE 1500 Interfaces
  Haiying MA, Ligang LU, Haitao QIAN, Jing HAN (Enflame Technology), Xin WEN, Fanjin MENG, Rahul SINGHAL, Martin KEIM, Yu HUANG, Wu YANG (Mentor, A Siemens Business)
  Keywords: IEEE 1687, IEEE 1500, IJTAG, eTAP, TAP, HBM, 2.5D, DFT, AI, DRAM
48 Improving the Stuck-at fault coverage using Digital fault grading flow
  Rama KODAMANCHILI, Swathy SEN (Intel Technology India PVT LTD)
  Keywords: Fault grading, Scan, ATPG, HVM, gate-level, coverage, observation points, toggle simulation, Stuck-at fault

PhD Forum

(15-minute video presentations or posters)

Moderators: Liviu MICLEA - TU Cluj-Napoca, RO and Ernesto SANCHEZ - POLITO, IT

126 Evaluation of Deep Neural Networks reliability according to their data type representation
  Annachiara RUOSPO (Politecnico di Torino)
  Keywords: Deep Learning, Test, Reliability, Fault Injection, Safety, Automotive
127 Two-Layer Lightweight Secure HW-Based Accelerator for AUTOSAR Communication Module
  Ahmed HAMED (Mentor, a Siemens Business), Mona SAFAR, El-Kharashi M. WATHEQ (Ain Shams University), Ashraf SALEM (Mentor, a Siemens Business)
128 Development of a portable Software Test Library in C language
  Davide PIUMATTI (Politecnico di Torino)
  Keywords: Software Test Library, Testing, Microcontroller, Safaty-Critical Application
129 Design, Analysis and Implementation of Physically Unclonable Function based Authentication Frameworks for Internet-of-Things
  Urbi CHATTERJEE (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
  Keywords: Physically Unclonable Functions, Authentication, Key management, Cryptographic Protocols, Anonymity
130 Silicon Demonstration of a Hardware Ransomware
  Felipe ALMEIDA, Jaan RAIK, Samuel PAGLIARINI (TalTech)
  Keywords: Hardware Security, Ransomware, Trojan, Malware, Cryptography

McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award

(video presentations)

Moderators: Alessandro SAVINO - POLITO, IT and Alberto BOSIO - INL, FR

101* Pattern Analysis for Power Safe Testing and Prediction Using Machine Learning
  Keywords: DFT, Low power ATPG, Pattern Re-targeting, Machine learning, Clustering, Prediction, IR-drop
102* Contact related Failure Detection of Semiconductor Layer Stacks using an Acoustic Emission Test Method
  Keywords: wafer test, probing, semiconductor, cracks, acoustic emission, indenter
117* Test Techniques for Approximate Digital Circuits
  Keywords: Approximate Computing, Testing, Integrated Circuits
118* Digital Design Techniques for Dependable High Performance Computing
  Keywords: High-performance Computing, Modern VLSI Technologies, Radiation Effects, Reliability
119* Novel Hardware Verification Methods for FPGAs
  Keywords: FPGA, testing, verification, debugging, fault tolerance, fault injection, parameterized configuration
120* Optimization of Cell-Aware Test
  Keywords: cell-aware test, defect detection matrix, weak fault, defect characterization, ATPG
122* Memory Reliability Analysis Framework: Modelling and Mitigation
  Keywords: SRAM, Reliability, Aging, PVT, Mitigation


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