ETS2020 Tallinn, Estonia
25th IEEE European Test Symposium
May 25 - June 1, 2020
Tallinn, ESTONIA


ETS 2020 Highlights - DAY 5

Today's special highlight is the Embedded Tutorial - "Design, Verification, Test and In-Field Implications of Approximate Computing Systems"

Today, the concept of approximation in computing is becoming more and more a hot topic to investigate how computing systems can be more energy efficient, faster, and less complex. Intuitively, instead of performing exact computations and, consequently, requiring a high amount of resources, Approximate Computing aims at selectively relaxing the specifications, trading accuracy off for efficiency. While Approximate Computing gives several promises when looking at systems? performance, energy efficiency and complexity, it poses significant challenges regarding the design, the verification, the test and the in-field reliability of Approximate Computing systems. This tutorial covers these aspects leveraging the experience of the authors in the field to present state-of-the-art solutions to apply during the different development phases of an Approximate Computing system.

The tutorial is the result of collaboration of a large group of authors from several countries: A. Bosio, S. Di Carlo, P. Girard, E. Sanchez, A. Savino, L. Sekanina, M. Traiola, Z. Vasicek, A. Virazel. The detailed list of affiliations is given in the proceedings as well as addressed in the video itself.

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